Studio/Seminar Bridge 3, 4 Reflection: Multiple perspective, Intro to research

Bridge 3: Multiple perspective


Seminar Reflection-

For this bridge 3 assignment, I was to write observational report from the observation notes made by the individual group members from the group. it was interesting that the group members shared many similar observations, but had a different perspective. From the observation I was able to create a design question considering the different perspective of each group members. From this bridge, although our group went through some conflict, I learn to cooperate as a teammate and work as a group.

Studio reflection-

I constructed a jacket and the bag inspired from the Jackson Square Park. When I visited the park, the park was going under a construction. Our group decided to observe the park from outside of the fence. The park was very unique in its triangular shape. From this Our group decide to work from the deconstruction, because the park was being deconstructed when we visited, and the shape. I made the triangular bag and deconstructed jacket to meet the topic.


Bridge 4: Intro to research

Seminar Reflection-

For this bridge 4, the group that was assigned together for the bridge 3, had to work as a team to write the written proposal for the group vision rehabilitated park. For this assignment, each group members were assign to different section to support the vision from different perspectives. From this assignment I learn that it is critical that the group agree upon the idea for the proposal to be written smoothly.




Additionals- Illustration, PPT, Business card and CV, Bio for bridge 5

In preperation for the final presentation, the group had to prepare various visual representation and idea to support the vision of the group. The role was divided between the group member depending on each member’s strength and weakness. From this assignment I learn that equally dividing the role between the members is critical for the best result. I believe some part of the bridge 4 could have been better if the role was more equally distributed. Also leadership skill improved through this bridge to encourage each teammate to finish their role by the due date.


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