(Studio LP1)Deconstructing Garments

The garment that I chose to deconstruct was plain cotton t-shirt. I bought this t-shirt just one year ago, when I visited Korea with my friend over the summer break. I mainly chose this piece of garment because it was something that I would feel comfortable destroying it and as well as I did not over complicate myself on the first assignment. The second garment that I chose is a denim jacket and it is a old jacket of mine that I no longer wear. By looking at this denim jacket, I thought it could be interesting to make a t-shirt out of this material.

For this step, I used a seam ripper to carefully deconstruct the garment.

Then I pinned down a part of the garment to the tracing paper.

I traced out the garment and marked cut line and seam line.

I placed the pattern on top of the second garment and securely pinned it down.

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