Graphic Motif Cutout


Tart and Process Sketches

Abstraction Stencil

Final Abstraction


When working with my partner, Yuki, I was first introduced to a person who had plenty of cultural and artistic experiences, therefore prompting me to create a solid base for my tart. When prompted on her goals, I uncovered a person who had many aspirations relating to the shaping of her character and building onto her experiences, inspiring me to leave crumbs remaining around the tart, showing that the base is not yet solidified. The unfinished tart – yet to be baked, filled, and set out for purchase – represents Yuki: a great character who is awaiting fulfilment. The ingredients and kitchen setting are representative of New York, showing potential to be furthered as a person. The city holds many perspectives and ways of thinking, which are embodied in the different fillings and options for the tart.


When abstracting the tart, I was inspired by the crumbs in my drawing. They appeared to resemble a solar system, showing small pieces in orbit around the central force. I pictured Yuki as the sun in a solar system, attracting orbiting planets and moons. These items in orbit would represent her inspirations and surroundings in NYC. I created a graphic that had a centre with expanding surroundings, some full and some just outlined, illustrating the types of influence she would encounter.


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