Time Map

Even before entering Tompkins Square Park, I can feel the energy as I pass the side of the skate park on Avenue A. In my piece, I strived to mix the hustle and bustle within the park with the solitary motion of one skateboarder, perpetually stationary. Tompkins Square Park presents itself as a carbon copy each visit. On the contrary, I know the park is ever-changing, whether it be the warming of fall leaves, the collection of trash growing in the bin, or the individuals that fill my surroundings. By subtly incorporating text into the piece, I included this movement and shifting through overheard statements observed over multiple days.


Process Work

First Edit, Playing with the Concept of Layering

First Day Shooting, Ideating

First Day, Observations and Planning

Mapping the Area, Sketching an Overlay Idea

Planning my Edits, Choosing Words

Initially trying to fit text into the image

Trying to frame the piece to include text

Framing the piece differently, only to conclude I preferred the image without a frame



I found it helpful to hear from my peers both while creating my piece a few weeks ago and after finalizing my piece. I thought their feedback regarding the elongating of the image was helpful, and if I was to do this project again, I would get more of a panoramic shot for my images. This would help reduce the busyness of the image as involving text brings another dimension of noise to the image, and by providing more space, the mind would be more at ease upon taking in the piece.


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