Gen Saratani Reflection

Gen Saratani’s Kintsugi Repair


  1. Would you consider Gen Saratani’s work of repairing broken ceramic a form of art? Explain.

I would consider this repair method a form of art, as, through the process of repairing, the object’s aesthetics change. This is a key consideration of Kintsugi, as explained by Saratani, as the pieces are not just fixed back together. They are repaired with selected colours and finishes, showing the admiration of the final piece, and demonstrating it’s added value after repair.

  1. Was this classroom visit inspiring for you regarding your own repair project? In what way?

This classroom visit was inspiring to me. Instead of taking a simple approach that discreetly repairs, similarly to how my mother attempted to repair my shorts previously, I am inspired to create art out of a simple fix. Instead of using similar fabric and an invisible stitch, I’ve taken a leap into creating a beautiful addition to the shorts, considering my repair a moment to add onto the style and aesthetic.

  1. Do you think that Gen’s work has an impact on how people will value their objects returned after repair?

I believe that those who become aware of Gen’s work or similar works will begin to notice the beauty of repair. People will be impacted in this sense, acknowledging the journey an object goes through. Objects that are undamaged are typically valued higher than damaged objects, however, this method adds beauty and value to the ceramics.

  1. In what way does the repair feel inventive and creative?

The repair offered many stylistic options. Rather than a seamless repair, the seams are the beauty of the process. By choosing colours and styles for each repair, the artist gets to create with freedom and can be inventive in this way.

  1. Watch this video about Kintsugi. The craftsman from Kyoto talks about finding beauty in broken things and old things. Does this inspire you to look at things differently?

The video link was not working for me, apologies.


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