Shibori Dyeing

For my shibori dyeing, I decided to use rose petals. I boiled multiple roses worth of rose petals in water until the water had turned a vibrant pink.

Then, I used a mason jar and a thin fabric to extract the water from the chunky floral mixture.

I washed my fabric, then I decided on a pattern to dye my fabric. I grabbed from the centre of my fabric and tied multiple small elastics down the sheet in order to make a target pattern.

I put this fabric spiralled up into the mason jar of dye. I did not create a mordant by using one of the powders as I loved the result of a classmate’s rose petal dye without adding chemicals.

After letting the fabric soak in this dye for around 30 minutes, I removed it from the jar. The fabric looked pretty successfully pigmented!

I proceeded to wash and dry my final product. I was happy with the result!

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