Final Project Development

Between now and next class, I would like to create the plastic layer/sheets of my designed product as well as source a fabric to use.  I have done ample resource on fusing plastic bags and have determined using an iron with parchment paper across a 2-4 layers of plastic will work best. I plan on completing this step over Thanksgiving as I will be home, where I have access to an iron and parchment paper, rather than purchasing one here. The plastic bags will be found, discarded material that I am bringing back to life.

Hemp Fabric

For the external layer of my bag – the fabric – I’d ideally like to use hemp fabric. The fiber is very strong and long-lasting. The process for hemp itself is very eco-friendly as it grows like a weed. This means that it is resistant to insects and does not require pesticide or insecticide. If I cannot access hemp fabric, I would like to find a durable fabric that is going to go otherwise unused. I will ask around at home and in the city to find a durable material.

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