Project Deconstruction Exercize

The project that I selected for this assignment is my Integrative Seminar/ Studio 1 final. This project allowed me to create a perfume, from the branding to the actual product. I was inspired by the concept of creating an olfactory narrative as working with scent was something I had never explored previously. My inspiration grew from a tarot card, ‘The High Priestess,’ so I initially researched its meaning and symbolism. My concept, name, and logo all stemmed from this specific research.

Along with this, I had to complete contextual research regarding targeting my product to my specific consumer group. I investigated price, age groups, gender, and personality types who would be intrigued by my product, trying to tailor my marketing in the best possible way. This pushed me to explore past what I assumed and try to understand behind-the-scenes of fragrance.

For the physical side of the project, such as the bottle, packaging, display, and inserts, I found it beneficial to create a mood board that allowed me to collect inspiration and ideas. I researched other perfumes, getting a feel for what was already available, or my competitors.

When it came to constructing the product, I did many rounds of material research and testing, as I was aiming to create a unique texture for my bottle. I made small-scale mockups and experimented with different finishes, gathering feedback from professors and peers.

The scent was more of an afterthought as my class did not possess the time or ability to create an actual liquid perfume. However, I did use my remaining time to concoct a scent through candles. I went to a few drugstores and tested many combinations to get the perfect top and base note mixture.

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