Drawstring Bag Project

When deciding on a cultural identity marker for myself, I began brainstorming where my culture comes from and what the term ‘culture’ means to me. I don’t have the strongest ties to my home country or any religion in particular, and I identified my culture as my ways of living, then tried to target what I really value in life. The concept of community kept drawing me back.

One community in my upbringing that still influences me to this day is my summer camp. I was able to form a second family with a group of people that mean so much to me. To symbolize this, I chose the icon of a firepit, with elements representing different values that relate to the things I’ve learned in this community.

Next, I created a digital version of my sketch, incorporating colour and thinking of the graphic layout. I took this design and printed it onto transfer paper. The first printout came out with runny colours, so I had to reprint after changing some settings on the computer.

I then transferred the design with an iron onto some simple white fabric, cutting around the design and completing my cultural identity markers!

Next, for the bag itself, I learned how to use the sewing machines and sewed for the first time. I learned about backstitching and general function of the sewing machine.

By the end of the class, I had completed the bag. When I went home, I decided on a drawstring to use. My options were very limited, but I decided on a rainbow belt for a summer dress that I have to bring some bright colour into the bag.

I laid out my collected cultural identity markers on the bottom left side of the bag and sewed them to the bag as pictured below.

This assignment was a very fun way to get to know how to use new mediums for me (iron transfers and sewing machines.) I enjoyed working with the sewing machines and feel very proud of having made such a finalized product with them. I also really enjoyed getting to know so many of my classmates through working together.

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