Illustrate Your Week

To illustrate my week, I chose to use watercolor partly because I had 18×24 watercolor” paper, and because I wanted to incorporate a lot of visual elements of my week that I did not have images of. I mostly worked creating images, aside from one movie ticket stub that I fixed to the page. I also used pencil, marker, and pens alongside the watercolor to give my piece a collage appearance.

I chose to divide the page into 7 columns, with Monday being the far left, panning over to Sunday on the far right. I also organized my sketches chronologically, with the morning being at the top of the page and the evening at the bottom.

I incorporated a lot of visual elements to simplify moments that I encountered but also handwrote quotations, songs, text messages, and thoughts in order to express fully my emotions and moods for each day, as well as the circumstances I was in. I used blue to signify the falling of night on most days, incorporated alarms into each more structured weekday, and used color in other places to set my mood for the time of day.

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