Lower East Side – Bridge #2: Neighbourhood Exploration

For this project, I chose to look into the Lower East Side. When exploring the area, I noticed a few different things that could be interesting to explore through a photo essay.

First of all, I noticed just how much the architecture of the bridges (like the Manhattan Bridge) informed the surrounding areas. I could work with how bridges play into the skyline and planning of the area.

Next, I noticed an entire subculture in the area: skaters. The LES Skatepark is home to many skaters of many levels. Their boards, styles, tricks, and behaviours could spark a whole photo series.

Along the entire skatepark and throughout the neighborhood, there was a constant presence of graffiti and vandalism. I could further explore how people marking their land has progressed over time and how permanent these pieces are.

This graffiti definitely gave a grungy, dirty feel to the neighborhood. A few buildings, however, stuck out like sore thumbs. While these buildings were classic modern buildings, they seemed to juxtapose harshly against the older, beaten up architecture of the rest of the lower east side. I can also look into the materials used in the area and study the contrast in older versus newer materials.

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