Pop-Up Circuit

For my pop-up card, I was inspired by the concept of a theatre stage. I jumped between a few conceptual ideas but landed on a stage foreground with a dancer and tissue paper behind to diffuse the light a bit.

I mocked up the construction of the card in order to figure out the placement of the circuit elements.

Then, I had some failed attempts in construction but made my final construction.

I cut everything out and installed the circuit after planning a second layer out carefully. I even mocked up the circuit on the online PhET simulator.

I came across an issue: the circuit wouldn’t run. I tried adjusting the direction of the battery as well as the LEDs, but couldn’t solve the issue. I then tried to hold LEDs where the LEDs should have been in order to mockup how the card should’ve worked.

In class, it was pointed out that I’d need two batteries for two LEDs in series! My card finally worked.

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