Digital Craft Final – Progress 1

For my final project, I will be creating a CD insert-style book. This book will serve as a supplementary piece to be included with a physical CD. I will use an existing album as the basis for this concept, and the idea is that this insert will be included with the CD and enhance the auditory experience with a visual as well. 

Tying together music with a physical piece, I will first use Processing to input songs and retrieve a visual for each. This visual will serve as the basis for a graphic design on Illustrator which will be then laser cut. Each song will have one page with a laser cut design, forming a paper, accordion-style book.

As an added bonus, the book can then be unfolded into a star shape and placed on the CD case. By placing a light source underneath, the book becomes a paper lamp, filling the room with a visual interpretation of the album. 


Individual Page Plan

Unfolded Book

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