Studio 2 Final

Artist Statement

My final bridge project topic is the involvement of technology in the arts and how this integration provides new mediums for artistic exploration. In my Seminar essay, I uncovered what platforms are currently available for such creative endeavors as well as artists today who are using these platforms in their bodies of work. I revealed how these platforms allow for expansion as artists give back to the community and create with code, highlighting the value and importance that this intersection of the arts and coding holds.

For my Studio final, I decided to take a more persuasive approach, inspired by the previous infographic project, persuading my artistic viewers to integrate technology into their practices. I took it upon myself to create relatively simple artistic drawing tools with code, provide this code for viewers through a QR code, and advise them how to get started using my code as a base. This allows for me to express the value of coding in the arts, as mentioned in my Seminar work, to a real audience.

Prototype Work

When planning this project, I wanted to integrate QR codes into digital pieces in order to direct viewers to information. This is my initial sketch.

For my first prototype, I used visuals generated on Processing that I found from the internet, set up a sample website with sample code, and overlayed a QR code for each visual.

I got feedback from my peers to include more of the image if possible. I also got feedback about including more than just the code on the website, to give some background and explanation. I incorporated this feedback into my next iteration, which is my near-final piece(s). I completed each piece of code, captured the visuals, and created a new website with more information.

The feedback I received was about the website. They requested for better site flow, a stronger text statement, and perhaps something more online than what’s available in print, in terms of the visual. I edited the site and created GIFs of each drawing tool, showing the viewers how each image could be created.

Final Pieces

 The images above are the same files as my final pieces. Here are images of the installation in class. Here is the link to my website: The GIFs, images, code, and information can be found at the link.

Link to Seminar 2 Final Research Paper

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