Coney Island Visits-Routes, Images, and Description

I visited the Coney Island neighborhood twice on Tuesday February 6. The first time was at 11:30 AM and the second was at 5:30 PM. Both visits were very peaceful and quiet but had many differences. The morning was almost completely silent. The sidewalks were almost completely deserted other than the few construction workers around. Most stores were closed on the streets but as I got closer the boardwalk, the area changed from desolate to slightly more colorful. It is still very silent, despite the countable number of other people also walking the boardwalk. All the rides are off and the beach is empty, except for one man who was feeding about 40 pigeons near the shore. He wasn’t very friendly when we approached that area of the beach. The evening visit was much more colorful. Although there was still few enough people for me to count on one hand and the rides were still inactive, stores and restaurant were open with signs that lit up the streets. There was one tall ride that illuminated over a five block radius with its flashing lights, the color of the rainbow. This time around I walked all the way down the pier which had an interesting beauty as a result of the juxtaposition of the lit up ride to the ocean—its lights reflecting the water. I also got a chance to see the Coney Island Art Walls which resemble the artistic nature of Coney Island and those who live there.

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