Notes From Orozco Room

A lot of reddish brown monochromatic colors. Pops of green and blue.

A lot of weapons- swords, people chained up


The table of the room is set up to meet the seating of the painting st the head of the room. Painting of people sitting around a table and it’s kind of like the real desks are continuing that path. Sitting with the people of the painting.

Looks like it was creates with oil pastels.

A lot of religious looking people

(Turbans, head coverings)

Looks like a ruthless leader is ruling/ time of war. A lot of innocent people being killed.

During the time of ghandi


Interesting how majority is monochromatic with some pops of color

Reveals the leaders and the civilians. Doesn’t reveal a reason for the brutality.

Weird that there’s a terrified looking girl behind what appears to be ghandi

What’sthe location of the storyofthe painting?

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