Constructed Environments Studio: #15 – “Ergonomics and Design” Video Reflection

In the “Ergonomics and Design” video, the concept of usability is introduced and explained from its beginning when people began to realize how productivity could be increased and safer if all the new technology was easier to use.  The video shows different examples of how design can make technology understandable and fit to the user.  To do so some important aspects to consider are the comfort, handle, and space of the design.  The video explains ways to achieve this through anthropometry, or the study of the human proportions, and how through these studies we can determine what a design needs to achieve.  To create the most user friendly design adjustability can be taken into consideration to custom fit each user.


Designs that could use some more thinking in terms of ergonomics, are seen all over the city.  Some include the width of roads on side streets, and how that effects drivers, bikers, and delivery services, all trying to use the same small space provided.  Many side streets fit only one or two parked cars, a traveling car, and sometimes a bicycle.  This means that if there is any change or obstacle in the system, a delivery, or even an above average size truck, the entire flow is interrupted, biking can become dangerous, and traffic can build up.  Another more specific design that needs work is the lobby of Parsons’ 25 E 13th St building, if you could even call it a lobby.  With enough room to fit 3 or 4 people, and a very slow single elevator, the small space becomes very crowded quickly before classes, and also blocks the door leading to the stairs that most people use.  The only space to stand and wait is simultaneously blocking someone else, and does not work as a design.  Lastly my apartment buildings heating system heats the building as a whole rather than by room or apartment, causing most residents to open windows that wastes more energy to make up for those rooms in other areas, the building is either very hot or very cold when the system is off.

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