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Installing on Pi 3

Trouble Shooting:

  • make sure to take files out of Noobs folder before putting them on SD card
  • name SD card “BOOT”
  • if internet is not working, reboot pi with ethernet connected
  • sudo systemctl stop serial-getty@ttyAMA0.service
  • install minicom with sudo apt-get install minicom
    • how to exit minicom: hit enter. then cntl-A then q then enter to exit minicom.
  • how to exit screen
    • Ctrl-a >> d or Ctrl-a >> Ctrl-d. See the screen manual # Detach.
  • — link to SIM900 file download
  • Gammu –
  • picocom-



  1. reformat memory card
  2. download noobs (not lite)
  3. set up internet
  4. install piTFT screen
  6.  install minicom with sudo apt-get install minicom


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