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Intern Design Project

This is an idea that a friend of mine, Colene Vort came up with. It is to create comfortable and cute pajamas, with an emphasis on the fit of the top “bra” piece. She wants to create something where the bra pads are somehow sewn in so that they don’t move at all or come out in the wash. Both of us live with a house full of boys, so we know how important it is to have pajamas that are appropriate, but still stylish, to wear around the house in the morning or evening. When she told me her idea and showed me the sketches and prototypes, I knew immediately that I wanted to help. My role has been a design assistant. I have experience in sewing and designing garments, as well as an eye for different fabrics and patterns that will look good. With this experience, I assisted Colene in working on the spec sheets for the production center that is based out of LA, The Evans Group (teg). I came up with a series of notes and organized a google drive folder with all of the swatches, inspiration photos, mood boards, samples, and scanned spec sheets for our meeting with The Evans Group.

Spec Sheets and Notes: 

Research: packaging, tags, names, mood boards

Research: garment example 

Research: fabric 

Research: Inspiration

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