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Opening Statement: About Me

My name is Hannah Swart, and I am a second year Strategic Design and Management and Fashion Communications student at Parsons School of Design. My goal is to work in the fashion industry, whether it be in marketing and branding, merchandising, and styling. By being both a creative person and someone who is interested in business, I consider it a strength of mine that I am able to understand both sides of the industry. I am interested in everything from fashion to home décor, both of which are featured in this portfolio. My other passions include clean beauty, wellness, interior design, sustainable fashion, and French. My previous work experience includes working in retail at a small boutique in my home town, as a Nordstrom’s Fashion Ambassador, as an intern for a clothing company startup, and as an interior decorator on small projects.

This portfolio includes some of my favorite projects that I have worked on, whether it be on my own time or in my classes at Parsons. Included are some sketches and clothing constructions from my Fashion: Visual Presentation class. Also featured is some of my photoshop and illustrator work, and figure drawings from my Drawing and Imaging Class.

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