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Marketing, PR & Branding: Brand Extension Pitch

The Jacquemus Resort 

Jacquemus represents the epitome of French leisure and beauty, with his collections reflecting life in the south of France. By purchasing Jacquemus designs, celebrities and fashion forward people alike can feel the light and beauty that his clothing represents. For one of his latest collections, Jacquemus set up a runway in the rolling hills of La Cote d’Azur. I believe that a successful brand extension for Jacquemus would be to create a resort in the South of France. What it would include is a pool, restaurants, boutiques with his latest collections, and a spa. He could invite all of his celebrity clientele and show his collections on the beautiful property. It makes sense that he would create an experience that would reflect the lifestyle and scenery that he gains inspiration from. 

Jacquemus Resort Powerpoint Presentation 


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