Project Part 1


The mood board was filled with mostly ocean pictures that I personally took. The ocean represents me because it’s like my second home. I basically grew up on the water and learned how to swim when I was two. With the exception of boats and fish. When I think of the ocean I think of home and my family. My family and I love the water,  just being around the water makes my happy.

As for my sketches I drew a lot of ocean/water related things, including boats, fish and waves. For the last two sketches I made a few ideas of what I want my project to be. I want to make a wooden and wire fish because when I think of a fish I think of it as something that’s free. Something that can go anywhere and do whatever because the ocean is so big. I chose a tuna because tuna are one of my favorite fish, they’re pretty on the outside and yummy on the inside.

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