Shapes Assignment

For this assignment I had to make three shapes made out of cardboard or chipboard, and one shape made out of straw. The point of this assignment was to turn a 2 dimensional shape into a 3 dimensional shape without using staples, glue or tape.

For the three shapes made out of cardboard I started off by taping the shapes into their 3 dimensional figure. Once I did that I had a better understanding of exactly what I wanted to do and use. I had the option of using wire, yarn, or fasteners. For the cube I used wire, for the triangle I used yarn and lastly for the pentagon I used yarn.

The triangle was the easiest one, along with the cube. The pentagon took me a few hours but it was worth it at the end. I wanted it to be very sturdy and look neat.

As for the straw, I taped it into its 3 dimensional shape so I could figure out what I wanted to do/use. It was pretty simple to make and I used both yarn and wire.

Over all I had fun with this assignment and it takes a lot of patience to build something without using glue, tape, or staples. I also found out that everything looks easier without actually doing it, once you sit down and start working on something like this it really takes take and effort. It also took me a long time because I wanted my final product to show how hard I worked.

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