Wooden fish outcome

The process of making this fish was a struggle. I was so excited to work with wood and show my talent through wood work. I started off with Ash wood and every time I would try and manipulate it-it would break. I did that twice until I realized it was just a waste of time. I then bought Maple wood because I’ve worked with it before and it’s honestly one of my favorite types of woods to work with. So after I purchased the maple I had to start all over. Overall this was a very long process and I honestly don’t know how I did it with out giving up, but I managed.

My symbol for this project is a yellow fin tuna. Not only do I love eating and catching yellow fin tunas but they have such beautiful simple lives. They are such powerful and majestic animals and that’s what inspired me.

This piece is made out of both wood (maple) and wire. I also added the waves so it would give this piece a more of a mobile feel. Instead of it just being laid or placed on the table you have the ability to hang it and enjoy it more. Finally I really enjoyed this project and learned a lot throughout the process. Now I know what and what not to do with wood and how fragile it can be. Although I wish I had more time but due to the breaking of the wood the first week and my fingers getting sanded off I think It was the best it could’ve been.

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