Wooden Hammer

For my elective class, Making Meaningful Things, with Jim Osman, our first project was to make a hammer. For what I wanted to do I chose wood, as for my classmates they all used different materials. I wanted to undermine the meaning behind my hammer. At first I wanted it to be poetic but I came up with a better solution. A solution of mocking the human hammer, making it a parody. As you can see I nailed the handle of my hammer so it wouldn’t be functional to anyone trying to use it. Not being able to use it is the point. If you look at the head of my hammer you’ll notice it’s a strange shape. Not only is it the shape of a bent nail, but it’s also an upside-down head of a hammer. The indents/grip where your fingers are supposed to be are placed in the opposite way the head is faced. So even being able to manage to use the hammer it will still be uncomfortable and still be of no use to you. Besides the fact that you’ll most probably hurt yourself.

Nailing the nails in my hammers handle was ironic, considering the fact that I was using a perfectly usable hammer to nail my nails in place. Overall I had a blast making this project and learned a lot in the process. Also about what I’m capable of doing when working with wood.

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