Chip Board Models

These are my chip board models.  For the first four pictures I choose to do one of my perfume bottles because I really liked the shape of it. It is both round and rectangular. The base is long and strong and the top is round and sliced to give it it’s natural look and feel.

For the polyhedron, being able to work in the Laser Lab was such a great experience and I can not wait to use it again. On each piece there is a cut out of a round shape of a wave. I love the water that’s why I chose it. After that I got the remains of a neon pink chock stick and smudged it with my fingers and erased around it. This helped bring out the form of the waves. As for trying to put the pieces together, I was going to get hinges at a store but it was too complicating and expensive to I just made my own with bristol paper. The only thing I bought were the screws. I had to place the screws inside out because I would not have been able to screw all of them in if I did it the other way around. I do like the esthetic look it gives the shape. Normally you look at a polyhedron and see the screws going inside the shape rather then coming out. In this case the screws are coming out in order to make it all work.

Lastly, for my final project I made a model of a wearable piece that’s going to be more-or-less a vest. I used chip board, bristol paper and tin foil. First I cut the chip board out of the shape of the wearable vest. After that I did the same with bristol paper. Then I cut out the bristol paper in all different shapes and sizes and finally I covered them up in tin foil to make it look as if it were a mirror. Showing other peoples reflections. In the back I made long incisions so that the vest would form to someones body.

Over all, I really liked working with chip board, making the wearable piece was the hardest to cut out because the chip board was extremely thick. As for the polyhedron I loved coming up with my own way of connecting the pieces together. Using what I already had and also it was a great way of saving money. Furthermore the perfume bottle was an interesting thing to scale up and make. It started off so small but blowing it up to the shape that it is now is pretty impressive. For the most part I think I did fine, I could have glued the perfume bottle a little better but it’s hard working with a hot glue gun.


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