Project #2


For this project the community I chose was street photographers and my inspiration was Vivian Maier. She was never recognized for her work until after she died. All of Maiers work is in black and white and all of either self portraits or people of all ages.

I started off by sketching some ideas of how my wearable piece will look and fit to shape the body. After I knew exactly what I wanted to do I then made an illustrator file so then I could laser cut my acrylic. Once I got a better understanding of how I wanted it to look I then make a model out of thin chipboard. Furthermore, came cutting all the pieces in the laser lab along with the holes to attack every piece together. The materials I used for my final piece was mirrored acrylic, waxed black yarn, and screws to attack both the back and front of the vest/wearable piece.

Working with the chipboard to make my model was so much easier than working with acrylic and it also came out the way I intended my final to come out. While I was working on my final piece and attacking each piece by yearn I taped the pieces as I was going to the next. Once I was finally done I took off the tape and everything was dismantled. Over all I wasn’t expecting what happened to happen and I strongly think if it would’ve came out how I wanted it to it would’ve been so much more pleasing. After all that hard work I didn’t get the results I wanted but now I know for next time I need to make sure to connect the pieces tighter. Finally, I enjoyed this project and like every project I learned a lot from it, both good and bad.

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