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The message I received from the video is sadness, due to the fact that it shows how a place can change so much over the years and i mean it in a way that we don’t realize how fast things are changing nowadays. The video reveals how New York City looked a few years ago, but not “the typical places” if not the normal things people pass through everyday such as stores, streets, buildings, and things such as toys, necklace’s, and more.

I find this video quite original because it includes small videos of New York with a narrative voice telling a story that probably happened in those years. It actually has a lot in common with Walters Benjamin reading as it starts to say people sometime walk “blind” in the streets which I¬†think refers that people don’t “enjoy” everything they have they ignore things which have been there for a long time and pay no attention to how fast things change.

A quote that I liked in the video was “I know that everything can’t be important” this quote tells the truth about the video. because its true, but its sad;¬†Forgotten things, things that go out of “style” or people don’t find interest in anymore, business’s closing.

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