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WRITING ABOUT Tony Hess & R. Murray

Last night’s reading made me think a lot about what “deep travel” will help in my photography and I think that what Hiss is trying to tell the reader is to never lose the sense of wonder, to always look beyond of what people see every day. So what I mean is that in my photography I need to show things in a different perspective, to get out of the average eyes and try to focus on things people may have never realized are there. For example, when you walk down a street every day you sometimes stop looking for the details and stop wondering why things are where they are or why are they like that, so I think that with the reading I will not only take a photograph of an object, I will try to show what people are forgetting to see on that object or that street. Hiss is trying to tell us to not fall in the trap of losing our sense of wonder while growing up and for me that is to make my photography unique in the way I find it interesting and worth for the people to see.

I think we had to read this for us to understand that we don’t have to photograph the obvious things only, we can change the angles, change your position kind of experiment when taking a photograph for us to find the right fit and try to make people understand what you are trying to show them.

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