People Plates: Six Compositions – Drawing and Imaging


Part One of a multifaceted assignment, individually we explored figure drawing with a concentration on gesture, anatomy, proportion, contour and silhouette to produce six distinct silhouette design plates in Adobe Illustrator.



  • First we completed a series of 4 figure drawing sessions, drawing on news print with charcoal in intervals varying from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. During this stage we focused on communicating movement through gesture drawing, proportion with the study of subcutaneous landmarks, and definition with the use of contour.
  • Next we were instructed to chose 10 drawings from which we would produce their corresponding silhouettes in Illustrator. Photographing each drawing, importing it into Illustrator, using the pen tool, modifying the paths with the bézier curves and filling the figures with rich black to create each silhouette.
  • Lastly, we were to post the top 6 compositions of the 10 silhouettes produced with their corresponding figure drawings.


Gesture - I

Figure Drawing – I

Silhouette - I

Silhouette – I


Gesture - II

Figure Drawing – II

Silhouette - II

Silhouette – II


Gesture - III

Figure Drawing – III

Silhouette - III

Silhouette – III


Gesture - IV

Figure Drawing – IV

Silhouette - IV

Silhouette – IV


Gesture -V

Figure Drawing – V

Silhouette - V

Silhouette – V


Gesture - VI

Figure Drawing – VI

Silhouette - VI

Silhouette – VI



  • Overall I found that the better the quality of my figure drawing the more efficient my experience of producing their corresponding silhouettes became.
  • If I were to revisit this assignment I would make sure to pay additional attention to proportion and the subcutaneous landmarks to bring further accuracy to my work.

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    Very good, thank you!

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