Cyborg Creature – Drawing and Imaging


The goal of this assignment was to create a robot-like form using orthogonal drawing as well as manipulate found imagery into its structure using photoshop.


  • Keeping proportion in mind we were instructed to draw a geometric figure using an orthogonal grid.
  • This figure was then scanned and brought into Photoshop to be transformed with images of organic human forms and mechanical objects.
  • The final outcome was to resemble a cyborg creature in an environment of its own, by adding a background in photoshop.
Orthogonal Drawing

Orthogonal Drawing

Cyborg Creature

Cyborg Creature



  • The orthogonal aspect of the form has been maintained.
  • In addition, there is a presents of both organic and mechanic shapes within to cyborg creature.
  • If I were to revise this composition I would bring more attention to the proportions of my original orthogonal drawing.

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