System Map and Written Summary

System Map

Written summary of selected system

Write a summary of your selected system:  Explain ALL of the below:

  • What is your research question?
    • The relationship between epigenetics, intergenerational trauma and the perception of identity.
    • In what ways are we limited to developing based on predetermined conditions?
  • What the system is you’re designing around, and what is your point of intervention?  (Are you creating a new system?  Adapting or intervening with an existing one?)
      • The system I am designing around is that of western medicines perception of self-care and health.
      • My point of intervention is in the understanding of how perception or issues influence them, using research and the understanding of how epigenetics work as a way to open up the conversation of different means of treating trauma. I am essentially adapting or intervening the system of health care by creating a new system for people to develop skills surrounding self-care.
  • What is the purpose of this system?  Who and what will be impacted?  How will they be impacted?
      • The purpose of this system is to help people understand how to reach optimal health and work through issues by understanding how perception and identity play a key role in the healing process and being healthy. It ideally would impact anyone who has an interest in developing self-care skills. They will be impacted by watching a video on the topic and prompted use techniques to help promote self-care.
  • How does this system relate to your research question?
      • This relates to my research question because it is looking to help people gain an awareness of how beliefs shape their reality and how they can use this insight as means for change or transformation.

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