BRB SJ Hub Assignment Reflection

Reflect on the Baldwin Rivera Boggs SJ hub assignment.  

Based on your experience completing the assignment and on your feedback received, what will you do differently for the different stages of the final assignment?  Consider all of the following:

  • Design process
      • Reflecting on my design process during the Baldwin Rivera Boggs SJ Hub assignment, I am pretty happy with the overall outcome of my design process as it did have room for iteration within my research and final prototype.
  • Research
      • Throughout the research process, I made 3 versions of an infographic to best understand to space, function, community and importance. In addition, before creating my final prototype I conducted president research on the MTA to see how they formatted their online submission platform.
  • Execution of design prototype
      • The iterative nature of this projects came through in the creation of the website I designed. Initially I was going to design a whole system for exhibition within the Hub, however, I realized that given the time we had to complete the project, I would not realistically be able to document the outcome. From there I modified my design to a website for submissions.
  • Selection of audience and sample size
      • I do think that my selection of my audience and sample size ended up being determined by circumstance. This because every time I went to attend a meeting often no one would show up which I think is because it was during the last week of classes before Spring Break. I do think for this coming project I should be more realistic about a number of people and who I will be able to have engaged meaningfully with my system.
  • Designing the engagement strategy for your intended audience
      • My initial engagement strategy was to go to meetings and talk to people who would want to us the site as a resource then interview them on what they thought about it. As it turned out most meetings did not happen and most of my e-mail and internet outreach was more successful. Taking this into account I will aim to spend more time engaging and looking to have a realistic outreach strategy.
  • Documentation of engagement with your audience
      • I am happy with my documentation of my engagement with my audience, while it is not what I had initially anticipated doing I think it accurately represents my engagement.
  • Overall presentation on your LP
      • I am also satisfied my overall presentation on my LP, I kept a consistent color scheme, documented my work both visually and through writing.

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