Reflecting on Me and E-Me Activity

Throughout my first class of Integrative Studio: Avatar, I was shown the vas difference between the way we describe ourselves versus how we outwardly show ourselves on social media. When being assigned both the task of writing about ourselves, as well as choosing pictures from social media we felt represent us I hadn’t realized they’d be related, which made the exercise so much more realistic. I was shown that not only me but the other students around me would tend to go deeper in their writing, describing their interests and what they are truly passionate about while the images shown would only touch the surface of who they were as a person. I would notice that as students read they’re paragraph they would paraphrase and get nervous when reading it to the class. This could possibly be showing that when you believe your words are private you will share more about the person you really are, while when you are being shown in the public eye you become very selective over the person you project. For example, in my paper I wrote about me enjoying time alone as well as with others but only showed pictures of me being social with close friends. This shows that I enjoy projecting my social side while keeping my introverted side to myself.

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