Bridge Interview 2

Q: What did you struggle most with, how do you want the sculpture to come across ?

A: Finding a unique approach to display a plant which did not come off cheesy or overdone was probably the hardest part. I have been working to create something which is stable and able to make a plant thrive. I really wanted to represent how you describe yourself and what built you, while using cool colors and random ideas that stroll past my mind.


Q: Did you change your mind about your process while you were constructing?

A: I’ve run into a few bumps so far, the clay which I used didn’t do an amazing job sticking to the plastic which I used as my pot so in order to fix that I’ll have to create a new pot completely out of clay and paper-mâché which may take longer than I originally anticipated. I want to add texture in someway, I think I may add some plastic bags and wanted to create a waterfall.


Q: What were/are you most excited about constructing on this sculpture

A: I think the thing that I’m most excited for is to see the vines wrap around the pot and have the plant mesh into the pot itself and create an illusion that they’re connected. I’m also excited to add different materials and colors to the project in order to really bring it to life and give it a personality.

Q: What did you enjoy working with best, why?

A: I loved working with the clay, the way I could physically mold the material in my hand it became very valuable and was really easy to dry completely. I noticed sometimes it’s hard to accomplish exactly what I want with it do to my lack of practice with the clay. I would strive to create a completely smooth side and it would be messed up right away by me touching it when I didn’t even notice.

Q: Do you feel your creation accurately represents me?

A: I will try as hard as I can, you’ll see!

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