Bridge 2 Justification

Finding a unique approach to display a plant which did not come off cheesy or overdone was probably the hardest part. I have been working to create something which is stable and able to make a plant thrive. I really wanted to represent how you describe yourself and what built you, while using cool colors and random ideas that stroll past my mind. I loved working with the clay, the way I could physically mold the material in my hand it became very valuable and was really easy to dry completely. I noticed sometimes it’s hard to accomplish exactly what I want with it do to my lack of practice with the clay. I would strive to create a completely smooth side and it would be messed up right away by me touching it when I didn’t even notice. All in all I feel as if through the sculpture I’ve shown some important times to you and encased you accurately in what I feel to be a decently well put together pot. I ended up creating a waterfall with very thin vinyl as well as add a cactus, almost chaotic feeling with a large, vine with protruded out the top of the pot.

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