Field Project: Union Square

It was fascinating to be that the world around me could give me such diverse feelings in such little amounts of time. Once I was out in the park and switching music my mind started wondering and I was immersed into what felt like a whole new world. I would get different directions of focus as I switched tracks. One minutes I’d be listening to Vogel and think about the flashing lights or how jittery everyone is. The next I’d be listening to Nishiham and get transported to this idea of time and numbers, all I could get in my head was time, and how it is currently taking over every who is passing me’s lives. I honestly found this exercise quite exciting. I like having to go out into the world and explore new places my mind can go. This was the first time I had ever played with my thoughts in a situation, using music to take me different places. I’d like to next time take a longer time exploring this and maybe start a journal with a similar concept. It’s interesting to see where these sounds take my mind and how frantically they cause me to think and write.

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