My Outfit

Through an exercise done in class, I was told a lot about me through the way I externally express myself. In Integrative Studio class we were given the task to go around the room one by one and describe how people were dressed and what this said about them as a person. Through this exercise it was shown obviously how much each one of us judge each other based off of how we present ourselves and make very broad assumptions based around that. People told me that I dressed “very 80’s”, and I looked like I was a part of the Fresh Prince of Belair, or from Brick Lang. London even. It’s interesting how you can dress yourself, not even thinking about these things and every person can look at you and have a completely different idea of who you are. People who judged considered me to be unapologetic and care free, somewhat true but interesting because they actually know little about what I do outside of class. I was told I dressed flamboyant which was interesting to me because before that, I would always consider that offensive but this was the first time I felt complimented by the word.

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