Bridge 4 Proposal

No matter how equal we tell ourselves the citizens of this country are, there are still countless out there who are put in dangers way every single day.

Over the past ten years, the Queer Community has seen some extremely positive progress in their fight towards equality. The past few years have led to vast improvements, giving that many states which had been legalizing same-sex marriage finally led to a federal, country wide, law which declared same-sex marriage legal in all fifty states. For people of the Trans Community, things are panning out to be quiet more difficult. Trans people are fighting to have basic human  rights all over the country. Fighting state by state hoping to achieve an agreement, which would secure trans-people’s right to protection in public places, which would create a safe space for Trans people in tasks as simple as using the bathroom which they feel comfortable with, or ensuring a job which they are completely qualified for will not be taken away due to how you identify. Although as much as these accomplishments are publicized, there is an extreme lack acknowledgment when the topic is switched to obscenities occurring to those identifying as LGBTQIA+. We must start to work in order to heal the wounds created by hate crimes affecting those within this community. Being afraid to walk down the street showing affection to the one you love, being constantly terrified of getting beat somewhere you are not familiar with, is not an “normal, casual” thing any individual should have to deal with. I, myself identify heavily with this community and feel very passionate about spreading this awareness to those who I may be able to impact. Through the years as I was growing up, I had been constantly harassed by guys physically and verbally. Whether it was in sixth grade when boys was called a girl because of who I hung around, when my notebooks got shoved off my desks, or being called a faggot when I would casually pass someone who I didn’t even acknowledge.

I have come to a solution in order to spread awareness for the horribly treated hate victims to people who are naive to the disgusting acts of hate occurring around the world. I will be designing a collection which will showcase and represent the pain and vulgarity of the events which have taken place over the last century. Hate crimes against the Queer Community are still at large and present in our society. In order to open more minds to the violent crimes taking place under their noses, I will be designing garments which embody 8 traumatic events which have occurred over the past few years to people identifying as LBGTQIA+. Trans-women who have been stabbed and thrown down the stairs of their own home, men who have been beat to death by the ones they love because of their genitalia. This issues must be brought to light, and I plan to do so in a way which peaks the interest of many, and is vastly present in this community itself. It is a way to open audiences eyes to the vulgarity of these “incidents”.

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