Rat Headquarters NYC

The rats of New York City are a massive cause of stress and fear throughout the streets. People are constantly afraid of running into a rat, stepping on a rat, getting diseases from rats, etc. When winter comes, rats are forced to find somewhere warm to reside in which they can retrieve food and warmth in order to not get extremely ill. In order to find a solution to this problem, I have switched my perspective into thinking what the rats want. I believe that in order to find a space which we rats can stay healthy and thrive. In order to solve the human’s issue of us intruding on their space, I believe we should have our own space. In order to do this, it is not necessary to take up any additional space, we could house these “rat headquarters” in the statues which you humans meaninglessly look at for memories and false history. On the left we will house the rats in order to give them a place to rest, this will house areas form us to have our babies where they will be safe and contained, it will also give us an area to sleep and stay warm and disease free in harsh conditions. On the left we have areas for us rats to shower and use the bathroom, where we can actually clean ourselves and become healthier, spreading fewer diseases to the human race. We also have an area where we can store, as well as eat our own food so we wouldn’t eat yours. This would be an area which we can stay contained and live cleanlier. We have sewage systems under our facility as well as a crematorium to prevent overpopulation as well as the smell of our dying brothers and sisters. Here’s where the humans come in. In order to keep us contained, we need your help. In our basement, we have a room which we store the food people give us, all you have to do is take your leftovers and throw them down the shoot to the right of our arch. 

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