The Battle for Paradise

Disaster Capitalism is when a government, (usually), will take advantage of some kind of natural disaster in order to take a liberal view to economic policy which they would not be likely to participate in prior. In Puerto Rico when the Hurricane hit, the infrastructures and buildings were destroyed. Instead of fixing their island, they would like to privatize the schools and infrastructures of the island.

Hurricane Maria was used as an excuse for the government to turn away from building up Puerto Rico, easy to say Puerto Rico is going downhill because of the storm when in reality, after the storm occurred they cared less while beginning to take advantage of that. Building on their weakness in order to create a stronger connection to our country.

After the disaster, they brought together people across Puerto Rico as well as further places in order to build a movement and make their voices louder. They would create community centers which would use solar power. Many traditional farms in Puerto Rico are one crop farmers, this would cause issues if the storm blew it all away leaving nothing. They believe resilience will help them power through, creating farms where there are many types of crops. The more resilience you gain, the more sustainable you become.

is Puerto Rico for the inhabitants, or the tourists visiting?

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