streetwise review

i learned that little kids at the age of 15 and younger were selling drugs and the girls were prostitutes. it made me feel so terrible for them. It broke my heart to see this film. I liked how personal this film got because if it didn’t i don’t think this film would have been as good as it was.


this photo is a success because the reflection of the head is perfect. the rule of thirds is perfect for this photo. this  photo makes me feel like im actually there. this photo is beautifully shot.

this photo is successful because the shadow is perfect on his face. And because its OBAMA!!!!!! The expression on his face was me when trump got elected. the black and white makes  the photo so much better.

this photo is successful because the white box makes the tree pop out. and the box leads you to the tree as do the mountain/hills.this photo caught my eye because its so different.


Walker Evans

Walker Evans was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on November 3, 1903. Walker also dabbled in painting as a child, collected postcards, and made snapshots of his family and friends with a small Kodak camera. His style is Social Realism. Social Realism is an international art movement, encompasses the work of painters, printmakers,  photographers and filmmakers who draw attention to the everyday conditions of the working class and poor.




lost book found

The tone of hid voice made it seem like he was shooting a dark and mysterious. it’s different because he doesn’t have a huge production and the film had some grain. the sound would get quiet and it got louder.


reading in class

This article was extremely hard to understand and I got a little bored reading it. I did my best to summarize it. This is basically what I understood. In Esther Leslie’s essay, she states that Walter Benjamin thought that film is a place where there “arises a new region of consciousness” through which people get to grips with the ugly hopeless world, comprehensively, meaningfully and passionately. Benjamin describes the term “optical unconscious” to describe  A mode of perception made visible on celluloid and initiated by camera. Ultimately, the particular photograph or film sequence is an extraction of a moment in time. The optical unconscious is a way of seeing. Optical unconscious is the way of seeing what the human eye cannot.


coney island trip

Bones in water

rough ride

bad & boujee


coolest fucking camera

breathing smoke

Brooklyn love

artist statement: today we took photos at Coney Island (which I’m totally going back to) and we had to ask people if we wanted to take photos of them. i was kind of shocked by the amount of yeses i got. At first they were kind of awkward about it and then they were super comfortable. i want to try this out again.



reading hw

In his essay, Tony Hiss talks about Deep Travel. He states that you do not need to travel all over the world to experience Deep Travel. It can happen to anyone. A simple trip to the pizza shop or the Duane Reade down the street can be an adventure. This program is definitely an adventure for me. This is my version of Deep Travel. I know that I will have new experiences and my eyes will open up to new things. I now realize in the short time that I have been in the city that everything around me is changing and I want to shoot everything I see around me before it changes again. I get nervous though, i still get lost trying to navigate this crazy city. It makes me scared and frustrated. After reading this article, I think i can make my navigationally challenged trips into an adventure and turn the experience into a positive one and not get frustrated.

I am here,I am ready to shoot the world around me. I am ready for my adventure.