Kusama Reflection

Yayoi Kusama is one dedicated, hardworking bitch. Her life struggles with family, cultural acceptance, and art appropriation make my dificulties seem like a cake walk.

Her artistic style is iconic yet her technique and artistic application are always evolving.

I remember learning about Kusama in my art history class in highschool—particulary her narcissus garden installation. Imidiadlty, I was drawn to her eccentric style and her unwavering confidence. Last Fall, after studying her the school year prior, the Dallas Museum of Art was showing her Pumpkin Installation; I of course went and was blown away by its spectacle. The image above is from my visit.

Now after learning more about Kusma’s history, I only respect her more. She shoved herself into the patriarchy of the art scene and made (makes) noise like none other.

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