ASSIGNMENT #8- 3 TED Talk Reflections

Art is all about looking at life from different perspectives. One might see the order in something seemingly chaotic or the beauty in something otherwise frowned upon. In the three TED Talks How can technology transform the Human body by Lucy McRae, I listen to color by Neil Harbisson, and Prototype: The Making Of | Channel 4 a unique perspective on the human body or sensorial perception creates exciting and innovative avenues in creativity and art.

I think that McRae and Channel 4 both teach us that the body and human form can be viewed as a canvas by which modifications can be beautiful and artistic. From perfumes that enhance natural body scents to prosthetics that tread on the realm of sculpture, each innovator teaches us that body changes don’t have to be a bad thing.

Similarly, Neil Harbisson takes his seemingly disadvantaged colorless sight and shows us that with it, he can create art and interpret color in ways that others never have.

In conclusion, all these videos reinforced the idea that just because things are status quo doesn’t make them the best. We can use our differences and disadvantages to fuel new progressions in whatever practices we end up pursuing.




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