Assignment #11- Technical Drawing

–Part 1–



–Part 2–

Bellow are orthographic drawing derived from Isometric and Axonometric images. I chose to draw the most complex of each shapes’ sides so I could better understand how to deal with multiple shapes, dimensions, and angles as they arrange on a flat plane.  


–Part 3–

As our final phase of this assignment,  we were tasked to turn the orthographic drawings we created into their existing 3D shapes. For my first shape, I used brackets and cornered piece of chipboard in the corner to bind it. For all the others, I used tape and chipboard binder because I ran out of the brass brackets.  


After completing the assignment, I realize how frequently I use orthographic drawings in my head without even thinking about it. Orthographic drawings are just maps and nets of each side of a 3D form, so to physically draw it certainly helps with maintaining proper dimensions and remembering project details. I know I will continue to use these drawings well into whenever I mentally arrange spaces or segway into architecture.

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