Cinematic Space

Over the last few weeks, we explored the applications of perspective in our work. Each assignment built upon the last until we created a complex “cinematic space” of our own.

For our first assignment with perspective, we drew out shapes in either 1 or 2-point perspective along with a gridded floor and then recreated the drawing on photoshop. We had a limited color palette, and I chose to use lighting and gradation effects to enhance the depth of my shapes.

Shape sketch

Digital shapes

Next class, we quickly drew from a set of cardboard boxes in front of us and learned the relationship between the single horizon and network of perspective points in any given space.

Cube drawing

For our next assignment, we took photos of spaces from bird’s eye, street view, and worm’s eye view with which we would trace and recreate digitally with complementary colors.  Creating each space digitally broadened my understanding of how perspective can heavily impact the complexity or clarity of a 3D form with relation to its surroundings and perspective points.

Bird’s Eye—3 Point Perspective

Stree View—2 Point Perspective

Worm’s Eye—2 Point Perspective

For our final project in this unit, we imagined a space of our own that upheld the basic tenents of perspective. I chose to create a contemporary park with sleek buildings as its backdrop.

Thumbnail Collage

Starting with a thumbnail collage, I developed the basic outline for my project. I then found a piece of interior design work online that would serve as inspiration my color palette.

Color Palette Inspiration

Before I worked digitally, I created the space on paper, figuring out where the horizon line lay and how the undulating forms of the park sit with the flatness of the streets/sidewalks.

Cinematic drawing

After I completed the map of the drawing, I took a photo and traced it digitally. Once it was traced and I tweaked some design details, I added colors and textures. My last step involved adding gradient light and shadow details to the space to enhance the depth further.

Final Cinematic Landscape


After completing the final project and the unit as a whole, I have a much deeper understanding of how space connects to perspective points and horizons. I know how to contrive horizon lines and perspective points in real-time, and understand the advantages of bird’s eye, street, and worm’s eye view when creating space and atmosphere.

My technical skills on photoshop and illustrator are much more advanced as I now know how to use so many implementations of the shape, line, texture, and gradation tools.

I think my color palette and composition are overall very strong. The space makes sense and maintains a strong sense of cohesion. If I had it to redo, however, I would improve the accuracy of much of my light/shadow work, as it’s contradicting in a few places. I would also work to give the space more atmosphere and imply that more is happening beyond the 6+ structures we see immediately.

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