Seminar Final Class Reflection

Words make up so much of my experience as a human. I’m constantly considering their weight in my understanding of life—the semiotics of existing. It’s weird to consider that no experience can be perfectly manifested through language, art, or music. Things are so nuanced, it makes it impossible.

What I’ve come to realize over this semester, however, is that a bridge between visual and language culture allows me as a creator to increase the precision of the experience and feeling I want to imbue the viewer with.

I always go back to Magritte when I think about language and it’s explicit connection to art and reality. With its minimal, confronting composition and paradoxical precept, The Treachery of Images is a forceful work that probes endless questions. Its theme on the accuracy of a reality that relies so heavily on flawed language to make sense of surroundings is one that has carried into my daily thought and my understanding of existence. Existence and reality are such broad, fickle terms. What can truly hold any ground when we try to break it apart? I’m not so much interested in understanding reality, existence, and being; what I think it boils down to is a desire to discover where I lie in this vast network of unanswered questions and how I can communicate that experience across disciplines.

By taking Studio and Seminar this year, I discovered junctions between art and language in ways I had never before. In learning how to fine tune my artistic intention across disciplines, I also discovered what makes me, me at my core—the memories of my upbringing and the experiences of our undulating world.

It has been a true pleasure getting to contribute to these courses. I feel so grateful to have worked with such inspiring professors and peers.

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