Bridge Project 3 (Project Brief)

Theme: Appropriated Space


Sub-Themes: From city to campus—Colleges’ growing control of the city

     Public, but for the privileged


Location: Tompkins Square Park, a public space historically for the working class of New York. Located in ABC City, the park is far enough away from major universities to be dominated by  college students in the way that Washington Square Park is, though NYU Steinhardt and Cooper Union are not far away. The park is currently family and resident oriented with playgrounds, dog runs, and open courts, but what might happen as universities continue to grow within the city?


Central Research Question: With colleges like NYU rapidly buying property across the city, how long before neighborhoods follow the ebb and flow of the school and not the residents?


Project Goals: My goal is for people to question the shifting dynamics and politics of a city with a growing university dominance. It could potentially also be to design something function for this predicted future.  


Design Proposal: A group of school desks massed together to form a bench or to occupy a bech beyond function. OR A series of modular benches that can function as student workstations—desks, privacy, grouping, etc.


Primary/ Secondary Audience: My primary audience will be students and those involved with higher education as well as local residents aware of the shifts the city has made over the years to facilitate university growth. The secondary audience will be casual park-goes who may not be local or immediately impacted by university growth, but may begin to question how it may affect them in the future.


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