Visual Reflection of Primary Source

Throughout my research for the final piece, I decided to redesign an existing pier that is currently under no use. A T-shape structure covers most of the pier, and of recent years, there have been some plans of re development. I visited the pier where architectural firm working on the project currently set up a temporary office. Matt Iannuzzi, project manager, was kind enough to tell me about the pier’s history and the current project.

Google currently owns the pier and is planning on reconstructing the space into a shopping center and rooftop park. But in 1950, it was Emil Praeger that we redeveloping the pier after a fire was erupted. The pier was used to transport and store utilities by the marines. The pier consists of a basement and two floors. It was constructed using three, 360 feet caissons that dive into the water and act as columns. Overall I learned about the history of the pier which helped me recognize the direction I want to take with my project.

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