Bridge 5 – Final LER for IS1

  1. Choose one of the four bridge projects and describe your process, the outcome, and what you will take away from it. You must discuss the bridge project you choose across BOTH classes (Seminar and Studio). How did the Seminar project relate to the Studio project, or vice versa?

Reflecting on Bridge 5, I learned many things through the process and outcome of the project. Every aspect of the project was essentially of first time; first collaborative, space installation, and story-writing project. Working with my group was interesting, we didn’t necessary divide roles, we all got together each working sessions and worked along. As a certain task was to be completed, someone would complete it and we would proceed to the installation making. A few days before the installation, our project broke down and we had to rethink the whole thing. We were nervous that our final outcome wouldn’t meet the expectation we originally had, but after the critique, we understood that we were simply overthinking it and everything turned out successful. I learned the working process of a collaboration, and I learned that sometimes if you attempt to reach for really high expectations and don’t succeed, you will still result in high outcomes because the expectations were set unrealistically high.


2A. What learning/ learning topic or learning process did you find yourself using throughout the semester from Seminar?

I found most useful when we learned about annotation and Chicago Manual Style of writing. It was something we had to do for the whole semester in Seminar class, however, I have used it in other classes and when necessary to better understand texts. Also CMS writing is definitely something I will useful for the rest of college,  and research papers thereafter.

2B. What learning/ learning topic or learning process did you find yourself using throughout the semester from Studio?

Learning about DAI was most useful in Studio class. This is something I will used in every class throughout the semester. Critiquing work and thinking about it in three categories simplifies the task. I will use it when critiquing projects in classes and interacting with art.


  1. What learning have you made personally this year that you want to bring into your future semesters? As a student, as a person, in a new school environment, with new classmates, or in any other way!)    

I learned about the basic construction methods when making any 3D designs. Slotting, laminating, etc. will be extremely useful in the future as I want to make cheap, resourceful furniture throughout college. I also learned that living in New York can be stressful at times but all the energy in the city can sometimes carry into your work and life which has interesting outcomes.


  1. What is one ah-ha that you had? What did you learn?

When I was learning about color theory, due to complementary colors, I had realized why some colors seem appealing when looked at next to each other. I was never familiar with the theory of color but learning about it scientifically was a “ah-ha” moment. Previously, certain things about color I couldn’t put in words, such as why two colors are so appealing next to each other.


  1. If you could tell future students anything from what you learned during your first semester in college, what would it be?

I would tell future students that managing time wisely is important as the work loads increase. Also when creating something it may not go as planned and expectations are set high, and to make a project come out just like you want to losing sleep and long hours of work is highly necessary.


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